Myogenic and Neurogenic Muscle Tone

One of the biggest demands in today’s society is the upkeep of ones’ appearance. For the vast majority of females, priority one is to lose weight and gain muscle tone.

Mistake No. 1

The fault that is most often made is that priority is given to losing fat, dropping your weight, losing a few pounds without considering any other factors. However you phrase it, this is how gaining a desirable physique is popularized, and you see it everywhere from diet programs to weight loss drugs. Losing fat is however just a small part of the process. To develop perfect tone while losing fat is the key. One has to understand that there are two different types of muscle tone, both of which will be explained shortly. Muscle tone needs to be developed properly (in both forms) while losing fat to attain that perfect figure.

Muscle Tone Types

Muscle tone is categorized into Myogenic and Neurogenic muscle tone.

Myogenic muscle tone is best described as the tension in your muscles while in a resting state. It is the firmness of your muscles and density while not in use, visible all the time.

Neurogenic muscle tone is the tension in your muscle while working or flexing. Similar to myogenic tone in the sense that it determines the firmness of your muscles / tone, however neurogenic tone is only visible when the given muscle is actually in use.

Most training session recommendations that you will find provide information that is unproven and ineffective. You are instructed to perform exercises with high repetitions but light / very light weights.  Training with this method will not develop myogenic muscle tone.

Myogenic Muscle – Your Goal

Myogenic muscle tone is permanent; this is what you should be working for. Do not misunderstand, you do need a balanced routine but myogenic muscle tone is of the utmost importance. To develop this you need to switch to heavy weights and lower repetitions. The gains that you will make to your muscle tone will be visible and pleasing, to both you and everyone else. By exercising your myogenic tone you have better looking more visible muscles even with higher body fat than those using other training routines. Training with near or at your lifting capacity at least once a week will be highly beneficial to this development, the frequency of “heavy” training can of course be increased,  but like anything should not be overdone.

In conclusion I would like to ask you to forget what you have been told in the past. There are far too many training regimes that are stressing the wrong form of weight training. Training for myogenic muscle tone using heavier weights trains your muscles to work harder, contracting more while performing normal activities.  You will be stronger on a day to day basis, see definite results in your training and be rewarded with an overall better toned body.


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